HEED 3 - Service Information

Please refer to the Heed 3 Technical / User Manual for general service information.


Download Service / Trade-In Form

OPTION 1 - Return to Manufacturer for Service

  • Download and complete a Service Form.
  • Submersible Systems, Inc. provides both Overhaul and Hydrostatic Testing at our faciltiy in Huntington Beach, California, USA.  Complete shipping address is located on the bottom of the Repair Form. 

OPTION 2 - Inhouse Maintenance by Customer

  • Inhouse maintenance may be conducted by personnel who have a background servicing SCUBA equipment or EBS.
  • Submersible Systems will provide appropriate parts, tools and manuals as needed.

OPTION 3 - Local 3rd Party Repair

  • Contract with an in-country 3rd party repair center or dive maintenance company.
  • For a list of centers, contact Submersible Systems.

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