Refilling the HEED 3

Dial Gauge: Shows pressure
in psi.

Heed 3 units are shipped empty and the user must purchase a Refill Adapter (options below).

There are 4 easy methods for refilling HEED 3:


Refilling at a Local Dive Shop

HEED 3 can be filled at any local SCUBA Diving Shops using the optional air compressor refill adapter.

Thread the 920C Air Compressor Refill Adapter onto the check valve port of your HEED 3.

Attach the compressor whip to the refill adapter. Release air into HEED 3 to 3000 psi.


Refilling from SCUBA Tank

HEED 3 can be filled using the SCUBA tank refill adapter attached to a filled 3000 psi SCUBA tank.

Thread the 910S Tank Refill Adapter onto the check valve port of your HEED 3. SCUBA tank must be full in order to completely fill HEED 3.

Place the refill adapter onto a filled SCUBA Tank. Slowly open the tank valve to allow the pressure to equalize, filling your HEED 3.

Refilling from a portable Breathing Air Compressor

We offer a small High Pressure Air Compressor Option to fill Heed 3 units with a Custom Adapter to connect to the Heed product and are ready to go out of the box.

Thread the 930C Air Compressor Refill Adapter onto the check valve port of your HEED 3.

Connect the Refill Adapter to a High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor. 

Air Venturin Hill EC-3000

Hill EVO-310
Portable Breathing Air Compressor

Ideal for users with over 5 units and/or more frequent filling needs.


Filling HEED units is easy using a High Pressure Portable Air Compressor by Hill. Each compressor is ready to fill out of the box. We have done the R&D for you experimenting with many vendors of compressors and are offering one we think are the best quality and provide the best filtration on the market.


Refilling from a Hand Pump

Now you can refill your HEED 3 to 3000 psi using this customized hand pump. We have perfected the High Pressure Hand Pump purchasing experience. We have done all the R&D and provide you with a great pump with all the attachments necessary ready to fill right out of the box.

Our Custom Hand Pump includes 2 additional necessary adapters. Attach hand pump refill adapter to HEED 3.

Attach hand pump quick connect adapter to hand pump refill adapter and pump HEED 3 up to 3000 psi.

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