HEED 3 - Frequently Asked Questions

Are they refillable? Do I need to purchase a refill adapter?

Yes and Yes. Heed 3 units are shipped empty and the user must purchase a refill adapter. Heed 3 units can be refilled several ways. Refer to Filling Page for details.

How much air will I get?

The amount of air will depend on application of the product and model purchased. For complete specifications including air supply, visit our Models and Specifications page.

Do we need to be certified to use the product?

No special training or scuba certification required for using Heed 3 above ground or at shallow depths. There are many agencies that provide Egress Training using a HEED 3.

What is the recommended service schedule?

Overhaul service is recommended for the Heed 3 every 5 years when not used underwater. Refer to Service and Trade-in page for details.

Can I trade-in an old EBS toward the cost?

Trade in ANY model /brand EBS system for $100 off MSRP of a new Heed 3 unit. Refer to Service and Trade-In page for details.

How can I purchase a unit?

We sell our products direct and through reputable safety companies, international distributors or direct from Submersible Systems through our secure online shopping cart. Please contact us for custom order details.

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