HEED 3 - Frequently Asked Questions

Which model should I buy?

The Next Generation HEED 3 (part #175-001) is our newest and most popular model. Submersible Systems has manufactured several HEED models over the last 30 years, many of which we still produce. If you have an interest in ordering a previous HEED model, please contact us with the model number and quantity. The Next Generation HEED 3 comes with a modular holster. All HEED 3's are shipped empty, and require filling before use (refill adapter purchased separately). < Return to top >

How does it work?

The HEED 3 utilizes a dependable and proven single stage, demand-breathing regulator. The user simply places the unit in their mouth and breathes. The HEED 3 can be used above or underwater in any orientation, anytime there is a short-term out-of-air emergency. NOTE: the HEED 3 is shipped empty and will need to be filled before use. For more detailed information, visit our HEED 3 - The Breathing Device page. < Return to top >

Are they refillable? How do I refill them?

Yes, they can easily be refilled from a high pressure breathing air compressor or filled 3000 psi SCUBA tank or you can purchase our portable refilling system. For a list of refilling options, visit our Refilling page. Contact us for more information. < Return to top >

How much air will I get?

The amount of air will depend on application of the product and model purchased. On average, the unit provides 2-5 minutes of air or approximately 30 breaths at the surface. For complete specifications including air supply, visit our Models and Specifications page. < Return to top >

Do we need to be trained to use the product?

Yes, proper training in the use of emergency breathing devices is recommended, however our products are very easy to use. While not mandatory, SCUBA certification is recommended. Contact us for more information. There are many agencies that provide Egress Training which includes using a HEED 3. Search on the internet for "Emergency Egress Training HEED 3" for a course near you. < Return to top >

Do the units need to be serviced?

Yes, the units need to be serviced. We have a recommended schedule to maintain. Simple visual verification is recommended and when servicing is required, the units need to be sent to us for overhaul and hydro. The tanks need to be hydrostatically tested every five years. Contact us for instructions to send in units for overhaul and/or hydro. < Return to top >

What is the DOT Rating of the cylinders?

Just like all standard SCUBA tanks, the HEED 3 cylinder is rated DOT 3-AL 3000. All our Cylinders are also CE certified and contain approprate tank markings depending upon your location and requirements. < Return to top >

How much are they?

The lowest cost unit is $350.00 (US). The HEED 3 is small and uniquely designed to be the least expensive short-term breathing self-rescue system in the world! We promise that this small investment will more than pay for itself when it saves a life. Purchase direct on our secure shopping cart or contact us for specific model and quantity pricing. < Return to top >

How can I purchase a unit?

We sell our products direct and through reputable safety companies, international distributors or direct from Submersible Systems through our secure online shopping cart. Please contact us for custom order details. < Return to top >

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