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HEED 3 - Refilling

The HEED 3 is a refillable fully self contained breathing device. The included Dial Gauge displays an accurate pressure reading in increments of 200 psi. Store the HEED 3 at full pressure and refill it only if you use it. The always-on regulator is ready to deliver life-saving air in an underwater emergency or toxic air environment.

Refilling is about as difficult as refilling a bike tire. There are 4 typical methods for refilling a HEED 3.

Refilling from SCUBA Tank
The HEED 3 can be filled using an optional SCUBA tank refill adapter attached to a filled 3000 psi SCUBA tank.
Attach the 910S Tank Refill Adapter to your
Place the refill adapter onto a filled SCUBA Tank. Slowly open the tank valve to allow the pressure to equalize, filling your HEED 3.

Refilling from a Hand Pump
In extreme circumstances where a SCUBA tank or powered air compressor may not be practical, a high pressure hand pump may be used to fill the HEED 3.
Attach the HEED 3 to the pump yoke.
Like inflating a bike tire, fully charge the HEED 3 to 3000 psi for maximum air capacity.*
Refilling at a Local Dive Shop
The HEED 3 can be filled at most local SCUBA Diving Shops who are Spare Air Dealers using the optional air compressor refill adapter.
Attach the 920C Air Compressor Refill Adapter to your
Attach the compressor whip to the refill adapter. Release air into the Heed 3 to 3000 psi.

Refilling from a personal Breathing Air Compressor
If you have several HEED 3s to refill on a regular basis, a Nuvair Breathing Air Compressor may be your best option. Available in both Gas and Electric models.
Attach the HEED 3 to the 920C Air Compressor Refill Adapter.
Connect the adapter to the air compressor yoke and turn the compressor on, filling the unit to 3000 psi. (Electric Model shown)

Note: if the unit is completely emptied of air in any underwater conditions, refer to the manual regarding proper servicing before refilling your HEED 3.

* Pressuring the HEED 3 to 3000 PSI using the hand pump is a strenuous, time consuming process.

HEED 3 is Proudly Made in the USA

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