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Spare Air, the SCUBA redundant air supply, because self rescue is the ultimate buddy!

The Spare Air Xtreme Sport

HEED 3 - Privacy Statement

Submersible Systems, LLC. (SSI) is committed to safety, both, while using our products, and when gathering information about you on the internet. This privacy statement outlines our policy towards gathering and protecting your personal information.

Personal Data:

The personal data provided to our customer service, Shopping Cart and Survey forms, including your name, address, email address and phone number, is used to inform you about product announcements, promotions, changes or upgrades that we deem relevant to our customers and website users. Personal data is not distributed to organizations or businesses independent from SSI*.

To request that you not be contacted, please write to us or email us at, telling us who you are and that you do not wish to be contacted. We will remove your personal information from our email and/or mailing lists.

All personal information is stored with protection of your personal information as a top priority. Personal Data, submitted to any part of our website, is collected and stored for legal protection only, and is not to be distributed unless required by law.

Personal data gathered from certain parts of our website may or may not be mixed or compared to other data gathered from another part of our website, or with data gathered from mail or other sources.

* Personal information may be considered an asset of the company. See our legal page for more information about Control of Information as a Company Asset.

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