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HEED 3 - Mounting

We're looking for creative ways that our customers mount their HEED 3 to themselves or their vehicles. Email us, attach a photo and we will share your idea with others. You just might help someone save a life!

Mounting your HEED 3 in a location that is easy to access and does not interfer with the operation of the aircraft or vehicle is as import as keeping your unit filled and ready to use. The HEED 3 placed under a seat or inside a dash may prevent the unit from being accessable in an emergency.

Air Crew Flight Vest

The HEED 3 is ideal for use with Air Crew Life Vests like the Switlik X-Back Air Crew Life Vest. The Molle Type straps on each side allows easy mounting and places your HEED 3 within ideal reach. The Switlik X-Back is available in our shopping cart.

Switlik X-Back Air Crew Life Vest

Switlik X-Back Air Crew Life Vest


Mounting the HEED 3 to a vehicle is ideal when several different pilots or drivers will need access to a single unit. Placing overhead on a sun visor or mounting to a door panel is optimal.



Mounting the HEED 3 on your person is a great solution to keep the unit within reach. The holster included with every unit is designed to attach to any MOLLE Type vest.

For any other vest, attaching to the shoulder is possible with the long reinforced mounting straps.

The HEED 3 holster is designed to mount easily and quickly. Each strap connects securely with a sturdy snap.

HEED 3 Mounting System

HEED 3 is Proudly Made in the USA

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