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The Breathing Device

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HEED 3 - Applications

The HEED III is known throughout the world as the leading emergency breathing apparatus for egressing from ditched helicopters or smoke-filled environments. Wherever there is a short-term out-of-air emergency, HEED 3 is "There when you need it."


  • Commuter
  • Private
  • Military
  • Industrial
  • Public Safety

Perfect for Helicopters in Water Environments

"Having that HEED III was probably the most important piece of equipment that I used that day, because it gave me three important things. It gave me confidence, time and it performed flawlessly inverted, in rough seas and jet fuel."
-- Garth J. Leesmand, Helicopter Pilot

Utilized by Public Safety around the world

Fixed Wing Aircraft and Watercraft:

  • Ideal for Float Planes
  • Any Private or Commercial Aircraft that operates around water

The HEED 3 Holster mounts quickly and easily to Safety Vests (shown here on the SWITLIK Modular Emergency Floatation Safety Vest)

Land Vehicles and Watercraft :

  • Rescue Air Supply for Water Accidents In Use by US Military in areas where ditches and canals are prevalent
  • Fast egress from toxic air emergencies







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